Dynamic Form For Nopcommerce

Supported Versions: 3.6,3.7,3.8,3.9,4.0
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Dynamic Form for nopCommerce supported on version 3.6,3.7,3.8,3.9,4.0 with full features

  • Supports full control: TextBox, DateTime, FileUpload, MultilineTextbox, ReadonlyCheckboxes Checkboxes, RadioList, DropDownList
  • To create a full of dynamic field
  • Create a form in many different positions
  • Support multi-stores
  • Manage the list of posts in the queue email
  • Module can be used to generate the registration chom fully, meet the needs of trades

- You can set the default value and if an option is required.

- You can create multiple forms per page and widget zone

- Ability to create own fields to contact form
- Allow to create multiple forms with automatic response, set in widget zone



Dynamic form Nopcommerce

1. You need to configure the send email (/Admin/EmailAccount/List):

2. Next you configure the dynamic form (/Admin/Plugin/List):

ConfigureWidget Dynamic form - /Admin/Widget/ConfigureWidget?systemName=Widgets.DynamicForm

- From email: Not an email to send, is any email display name
- To email: You can cc email for another email

3. Manage email sent (/Admin/QueuedEmail/List)

- Email results sent:

4. Dynamic form list

Dynamic form Nopcommerce


 5. Add new Dynamic form and attributes:

Result form: Content returned when form submits successfully

- Short: Description of the registration form

Dynamic form Nopcommerce

Dynamic chom attributes

6. Dynamic form attributes

 Dynamic form attributes