Features of the Multifront™ Nopcommerce Platform

The features you need to design personalized and relevant nopcommerce website experiences.

The Multifront® nopcommerce software is designed to provide businesses with the advanced nopcommerce features they need to quickly and easily design targeted, engaging nopcommerce websites. When doing an nopcommerce platform comparison, the Multifront nopcommerce solution offers the industry's most customizable .NET nopcommerce platform for creating personalized shopping cart experiences.

Listed are a few of the features and benefits that Multifront®  offers. Interested in a full list of features? Download now.

The capabilities you need to build relevant ecommerce experiences

Nopcommerces Platform Features

  • Multi Store Nopcommerce
    Multifront nopcommerce software enables you to easily build and manage hundreds of distinctly branded nopcommerce websites using a single shared database. Whether it's multiple brands, multiple catalogs or promotional micro-stores, Multifront helps you implement a comprehensive multi store nopcommerce strategy all through a single integrated system.
  • Dynamic Nopcommerces Site Search

    Multifront features dynamic nopcommerce site search functionality allowing your customers to quickly and easily find relevant products, leading to increased sales and improved usability. Advanced site search features include; type ahead technology, full text search, fully managed search rankings with filtering, faceted navigation, and more.

  • Simplified dashboard
    Single Dashboard Control
    The Multifront .NET nopcommerce platform features the industry's easiest to use interface. This is not just a "nice-to-have" pretty screen display. With the Multifront  nopcommerce platform your non-technical business teams can build online stores as nopcommerce business intelligence dictates and manage products and promotions with little to no training.
  • Flexible .NET Architecture
    Flexible .NET Architecture

    Every online store has unique business and integration requirements. Using Multifront's flexible .NET architecture and standards-based ASP.NET source code, you have the ultimate flexibility to customize your online stores to virtually any business requirement.

  • Fully customizable ecommerce platform
    Fully Customizable Nopcommerces Software
    The Multifront .NET nopcommerce platform provides a robust and fully customizable code base, giving you unlimited potential to shape your online stores to your specific business needs. Since the software is customizable, you will have the ability to control every aspect of the online shopping experience, as well as, being able to leverage enhancements with future technologies.
  • Multi Tenant Nopcommerce

    Each industry has different and unique business requirements when it comes to deploying an nopcommerce strategy. Choose Multifront with online Marketplace capabilities and deploy a multi tenant online business strategy like Distributed Agent Nopcommerces or Online Franchising Nopcommerces for your enterprise.

Merchandising & Marketing

  • eMerchandising Ecommerce
    Increase sales and drive conversions through more personalized online shopping experiences. Multifront allows you to present your customers with the relevant products they're seeking based on their customer profile. Promote your most profitable products, or push items with excess inventory. You can also collect relevant customer data and analytics for future online advertising and product promotional opportunities.
  • Product Catalog Management
    The Multifront nopcommerce storefront management system includes a rich, user-friendly product catalog to showcase virtually any type of product or service. The product catalog can handle millions of SKUs with outstanding performance. With Multifront, you can also add optional add-ons (ex: "gift wrapping") or require a user to select a set of pre-defined attributes (ex: "size" and "color"). The combination of attributes can be tied to an inventory item (SKU). You can also manage the available inventory for each combination of items.
  • Nopcommerce SEO Management and Best Practices
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important strategies used by successful companies to drive traffic to their online stores. The Multifront nopcommerce software was built from the ground up to ensure that all aspects of the code and generated stores are SEO friendly, and is loaded with powerful out-of-the-box SEO management and best practices like an advanced 301 redirect feature to automatically update pages when products have been switched in the catalog.
  • Social media integration
    Social Media Integration and Social Reviews
    Word of mouth used to be a powerful sales creator. Social media takes that to stratospheric levels. Multifront 7.0 makes social media integration, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest a central part of online store creation. And with our integrated social reviews, your online shoppers will have the ability to share their ratings, reviews, questions, answers, and experiences.

Customer Data Management

  • Measuring customer behavior
    Customer Insights
    Gain insight into your customer's behavior and review details of your conversion performance with Google Analytics. Create more relevant online shopping experiences and improve. How do you know what works and what doesn't? By a careful look at shopper behavior.

    Multifront provides advanced analytics capability, based upon the industry standard Google Analytics, that will allow you to review your site traffic in microscopic detail and help you to fine tune both your SEO efforts and to help better shape the online shopping experience.
  • Ecommerce website marketing analytics
    Nopcommerces Analytics and Reporting
    Some of your most important data will come from shoppers who didn't make a purchase. Multifront provides an advanced toolset of data collection and analysis tools that will allow you to transform raw data into actionable information and answer questions about sales, promotions, seasonality and buying habits.

Systems Integration

  • Rapid ecommerce integration
    Rapid Integration
    The Multifront .NET nopcommerce platform provides the fastest implementation time frames of any enterprise-class nopcommerce system. Multifront uses flexible ASP.NET technologies to make a powerful midsize business and enterprise nopcommerce solution.

    Businesses using Multifront can create and deliver up to 50 branded storefronts in as little as 90-120 days. Other nopcommerce systems can take up to 18 months to implement. With Multifront’s speed and ease of implementation you can take advantage of seasonal and emerging trends and sharpen your focus on smaller shopper segments.
  • Integration APIs
    Open REST API
    Multifront is designed from the ground up to make it easy to integrate with your existing systems. The Multifront platform features an open REST API allowing you to replicate, integrate and synchronize services with ease.

Shopping Cart & Secure Checkout

  • Shopping cart software
    PCI Compliant Shopping Cart

    Multifront features a user-friendly, PCI compliant shopping cart that helps reduce abandonments by ensuring that customers can complete their purchase quickly and securely.

  • Multiple payment methods
    Multiple Payment Systems and Taxes
    Present a variety of payment methods to your customers including credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, purchase orders and more. Major payment gateways supported, such as PayPal and Authorize.Net. Easily extend the payment system to connect to other gateways. Multifront® also includes a highly configurable tax engine that can compute taxes based on product class, country, state, county and more.
  • Secure checkout
    Secure and Customizable Checkout
    Product ordering and checkout just got simpler using the Multifront nopcommerce software. Customize virtually every aspect of the checkout process to complement your website’s appearance and business workflow. With Multifront's PCI-compliant shopping cart, you can trust your customers' data is safe and secure throughout the entire online shopping experience.


  • Mobile ecommerce
    Mobile Commerce
    Smartphone and Tablet users are becoming the dominant form of online shopper. But far too many online stores are virtually useless on tiny, touch sensitive screens. Multifront allows you to create mobile stores so that you can engage today and tomorrow's customers that are trying to find your products online. You'll be able to execute a mobile nopcommerce strategy for today's growing smartphone user base.


  • Globalization
    Globalization and Localization
    Companies with a global presence or localization requirements can now take advantage of Multifront's powerful Globalization capabilities. With Multifront you can create a Multistore with multiple languages personalized for different regions. Multifront® allows you to localize virtually every aspect of your online storefront.