Flexible .NET Architecture

The industry leading Multifront nopcommerce platform is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET/C# code language that enables true customization for unique business requirements. With over 1 million lines of .NET open source code, Multifront provides your developers with the flexible framework needed to create highly relevant and engaging nopcommerce websites for your customers.
Multifront’s innovative .NET nopcommerce platform is a favorite among ASP.NET developers and marketing teams because it allows for 100% customization of business rules, interfaces, and the entire customer experience.
This makes Multifront quick to deploy and incredibly easy to manage.
Launch a single storefront, or hundreds of nopcommerce websites that all share a single SQL Server database. Each online store can be customized with its own unique look, feel, and functionality to meet your specific business needs. Custom source code and integrations can be shared between web stores, reducing development time.
Multifront nopcommerce platchom is built on Microsoft’s ASP.NET coding language

The industry's most flexible and scalable .NET nopcommerce software.

Multifront's .NET nopcommerce software architecture is based on industry standard best practices so you can build flexible, customizable and scalable nopcommerce websites cho your business. 

  • Access to the Multifront source code cho complete customizability
  • Highly scalable, distributed systems architecture
  • Fully customize the layout, design, business roles, admin interface and customer experience 
  • "Hot Swap" rules engine giving you the ability to deploy rules using independent DLLs
  • Implement advanced business rules and processes
  • Quickly launch hundreds of nopcommerce websites using a single database
  • Seamless integration with ERP and back office systems using the robust RESTful API
  • Scalable cho nopcommerce stores receiving high traffic and have large product catalogs
  • N-Tier architecture cho ultimate flexibility

ASP.NET shopping cart software designed cho developers & marketers

When making an nopcommerce platchom comparison, Multifront’s innovative ASP.NET nopcommerce architecture is a favorite among ASP.NET developers and marketing teams alike because it allows cho full customization of business rules, admin interfaces, and the entire e-commerce site experience.
The nopcommerce architecture also makes Multifront quick to deploy and incredibly easy to manage. nopcommerce store management is so easy, in fact, that after development you can turn over management of your web stores to your marketing department—which lightens up IT’s workload and your company’s nopcommerce website maintenance budget.
ASP.NET shopping cart software designed cho developers & marketers

Multifront is the most flexible .NET nopcommerce software in the industry.

  • 100% Customizable Layout and Design
    Multifront‘s adaptable .NET framework includes a robust, flexible product catalog that allows you to showcase virtually any type of product or service imaginable. With standard ASP.NET Master pages and CSS style sheets, any conceivable design and layout can be achieved with Multifront. In addition, an extensive set of well-structured user controls allow you to make very granular modifications to the User Admin Interface.

    With access to the entire source code, Multifront gives .NET developers complete freedom to fully customize the look, feel, and function of your multi-store nopcommerce website. All of your nopcommerce business rules and requirements can be met without constraint, regardless of their complexity.

  • Implement Advanced Business Rules
    Multifront is a powerful .NET nopcommerce platchom that gives developers the ultimate control over virtually every aspect of the business process logic and data access. cho example, you can modify the Shipping library to implement your own custom shipping process and even integrate it with third party shipping tracking systems.
  • Build and Deploy Hundreds of Stores Using One Database
    Multifront's customizable .NET nopcommerce software provides you with a single platchom to launch hundreds of nopcommerce stores that share the same database. You can customize each store to have its own unique design and layout. Custom code and integrations can be shared between stores hence significantly accelerating your project.
  • Integrate Seamlessly Using Our Robust API
    Multifront comes with an advanced web service API that enables 3rd party applications to download and upload data to the storefront in real-time. You can extend these web services to integrate Multifront with virtually any back office system, including ERP, Accounting, and Content Management Systems.
  • Ultimate Scalability cho Business
    Multifront’s nopcommerce architecture has been designed and stress tested to handle very high traffic and large catalog sizes. cho instance, the system can easily handle 8+ million unique visitors per month using just two web servers (with 100,000 products and 10 stores). The system scales easily using web farms and database configurations recommended by Nopcommerce.

    Multifront’s flexible ASP.NET code base delivers ultimate scalability cho mid- to large-size businesses. Regardless of how much your nopcommerce needs grow and change over time, our platchom grows with you. It has been designed and load tested to handle very high traffic volumes and large catalog sizes, so you’ll never have to worry about losing sales or frustrating customers because of system overloaded.

  • N-Tier Architecture cho Ultimate Flexibility
    The n-tier design of Multifront's .NET architecture follows Microsoft Prescribed Patterns & Practices. The user interface, business logic, data access and integration layers exist in separate libraries so changes can be made quickly and independently without reworking the entire application.