Multi Tenant nopcommerce

Multi-tenant nopcommerce with online marketplace

Select multi-tenant nopcommerce with online marketplace capabilities to expand your online footprint

The Multifront nopcommerce solution gives enterprises and large organizations the ability to greatly expand their online footprint and enable hundreds to thousands of distributors, partners, and vendors to create and manage their own custom-branded online stores. Each one of your distributors will have the power to engage their customers with your products— effectively maximizing your overall profitability and expanding your online reach.

» Create your own online marketplace, allowing vendors and partners to manage their own products on your nopcommerce websites
» Launch an online franchise with hundreds or thousands of franchise stores
» Centralized administration for both the franchisor and franchisees to easily manage nopcommerce web stores
For large businesses looking to better enable their vendors and distributors, Multifront with Marketplace is one of the most powerful and efficient nopcommerce business strategies available.

What is the Multifront Marketplace module?

Envision a virtual grocery store where vendors can stock and manage their own products within your online marketplace. That's the concept behind the Multifront nopcommerce solution Marketplace module.

Znode’s online Marketplace module for the Multifront nopcommerce solution also allows your nopcommerce business to easily manage distributors’ online stores while giving your distributors the ability to quickly launch their own branded online stores and mobile nopcommerce websites.
» Enable hundreds or even thousands of distributors to launch turnkey online stores and mobile nopcommerce sites
» Ability to share and integrate products, catalogs, promotions, branding, and more with distributors and vendors
» Centralized administration for both you and your distributors and vendors to easily manage online stores
     » Flexible, standards-based architecture for .NET developers

Multifront Marketplace module
Multi-tenancy for your nopcommerce business

Multi-tenancy for your nopcommerce business

Multi-tenancy is a business strategy in which a single instance of a software application serves multiple customers, or "tenants". As it pertains to an nopcommerce business strategy, multi tenancy gives nopcommerce businesses the ability to enable tenants to share and customize sections of their nopcommerce solution.  These customizations could include changes to the admin UI, product catalogs, special promotions, etc.

Multi tenant nopcommerce solutions enable an innovative nopcommerce business strategy for enterprises because it allows development and maintenance costs to be shared. It also allows enterprises to give access of their full scale nopcommerce software to their vendors and franchisees, whom may not typically be able to afford such website platforms. Also, with a multi-tenancy architecture, businesses only have to make updates to their nopcommerce platform once.

Create turnkey nopcommerce websites quickly for your vendors, distributors, partners, and affiliates

What makes Multifront with online Marketplace so unique and powerful is its ability to allow businesses to quickly and easily create turnkey nopcommerce websites for vendors, distributors, and partners. As more vendors release online stores, it rapidly increases your organization’s online footprint. This greatly improves your ability to sell more product and increase online brand awareness. It also leads to improved customer conversions and a higher overall return on investment.

Another benefit of Multifront's online Marketplace module is the ability to empower your partners and vendors by enabling them to manage and control their online stores through a single, simplified dashboard. By putting nopcommerce management into your vendors’ hands, it saves you the time and overhead costs of having to manage each individual online store.
Vendors, distributors, partners, and affiliates

Unique multi-tenant nopcommerce business strategies using the online Marketplace module

Each industry has different and unique business requirements when it comes to deploying an nopcommerce strategy. Multifront with online Marketplace capabilities allows your organization to deploy relevant nopcommerce strategies developed around different scenarios, and then personalized for your specific online business needs. 

Managed Customer nopcommerce

Managed Customer nopcommerce

Managed Customer nopcommerce is an enterprise nopcommerce strategy that gives companies across various industries the ability to easily own and manage each category experience on a client’s online storefront through the Multifront nopcommerce dashboard. As a result, you will expand your customer base and increase online conversions, maintain consistent branding, share value-added services and applications with your clients, and more.

Distributed Agent nopcommerce

Distributed Agent nopcommerce is an innovative nopcommerce strategy developed for businesses looking to increase sales through improved enablement of their agent channel. This nopcommerce strategy enables you to provide your agents with the features and capabilities of Multifront, a leading .NET nopcommerce solution, allowing them to produce more personalized, relevant online shopping experiences.
Distributed Agent nopcommerce

Online Franchising nopcommerce

Online Franchising nopcommerce

Online Franchising nopcommerce gives companies the ability to retain control of their franchises while allowing franchisees to perform day-to-day management of their nopcommerce website. This strategy allows you to more effectively manage your brand while better enabling your franchisees through improved collaboration. The end result is increased channel revenue, an expanded web footprint, better quality control and more.

Augmented Platform

Augmented Platform nopcommerce gives companies currently running a legacy enterprise nopcommerce platform the ability to keep their existing platform but still leverage the dynamic capabilities of the Multifront nopcommerce platform. As a result, you will now have the ability to create highly relevant and engaging shopping experiences in less time, while leading to higher conversion rates, improved customer retention, and increased sales.
Augmented Platform
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