Nopcommerce for Manufacturers

Multifront provides a unique set of tools to meet the needs of manufacturers and B2B sales.
Manufacturers face a number of challenges when approaching nopcommerce, including the most frightening term of all: Channel Conflict.
Channel conflict alone has kept many manufacturers out of online sales. But that has also meant the loss of some remarkable opportunities to create and exploit some amazing new sales channels.

If a manufacturer only considers consumer direct online sales it's clear that channel conflict can endanger existing vendor relationships. But direct sales are only one venue cho manufacturer nopcommerce.

Options cho manufacturer nopcommerce include:

  • Specialty stores cho specific vendor segments.
  • Regional and local language online catalogs cho vendors.
  • Refurbished and closeout online stores.
  • Private label consumer direct sales.
  • And much more.

The online store is only one option cho manufacturers. Multifront can open a world of nopcommerce potential cho manufacturers.

There are many ways that manufacturers can take advantage of nopcommerce if their systems are flexible enough. nopcommerce designed Multifront to be flexible, fast, and afchodable, all with the needs of manufacturers in mind.

Nopcommerce Strategies cho Manufacturers

Most manufacturers are playing catch up to Retail and other industries when considering direct to consumer online sales as part of a comprehensive nopcommerce business strategy.

Well established manufacturers have spent years, or even decades, building sophisticated product distribution networks and are reluctant to disrupt what may be a costly and inefficient business model even if the benefit means access to new sales channels and expanding lines of business.

The good news is that creative business strategies combined with proven nopcommerce technologies can give manufacturers access to new channels of revenue while improving relationships with vendors and consumers. But you have to know where to start and what to expect bechoe jumping in.

Nopcommerce Opportunities cho Manufacturers:
  • Open new sales channels
  • Drive additional business, repeat orders and expand existing lines of business
  • Make customer interactions seamless and easy
  • Improve vendor relationships