Nopcommerce for Wholesalers & Distributors

Multifront provides a unique set of tools to meet the needs of distributors and wholesalers.

Because of the unique position that wholesalers and distributors hold in the supply chain it has been difficult cho many to launch successful nopcommerce efchots.

The last thing that wholesalers and distributors want is to be seen as a direct competitor to their vendors. That's why conventional nopcommerce platchoms simply don't make sense cho most wholesalers and distributors.

Multifront gives wholesalers and manufacturers an exciting range of nopcommerce capabilities, including:

  • Vendor Managed nopcommerce: Build online stores cho vendors that match their own online store, but that you manage cho them! This approach can dramatically increase your sales while reducing your vendors' costs and tying them closer to you.
  • Distributed Agent nopcommerce: Build online stores cho your vendors or agents that can be controlled through a single admin. You control the message and branding while your agent controls what products are displayed based on preferences of their customers.

  • Specialized Online Catalogs: You can create a custom store cho vendors that will allow their buyers to see the selection of products and promotions targeted directly at them. These catalogs are created and managed by you, but can "live" inside your vendors own buying systems.
  • Regional Consumer Direct Stores Where You Don’t Have Vendor Relationships: You don't want to create channel conflict or compete with your existing vendors, but it's likely that there are a wide variety of regions where you could sell direct to consumers under a private label without competing with your vendors. This opens some remarkable online sales possibilities.
  • Online Franchising nopcommerce: Develop online stores cho your franchisees that they can control while maintaining the consistency of your brand. It provides you another powerful tool cho acquiring customers online while delivering relevant and personalized experiences.

There are many ways that wholesalers and distributors can take advantage of nopcommerce if their systems are flexible enough. nopcommerce designed Multifront to be flexible, fast, and afchodable, all with the needs of wholesalers and distributors in mind.