Nopcommerce Multi Tenant Download

Supported Versions: 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
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 Supported Versions: 3.8, 3.9, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2

Nopcommerce multi tenant: A multi website system uses a system of files, a database. Each administrator account can only see and manage the products, categories, customers, orders, configurations, etc ..  of each store

Administrator account (Admin): Can see and edit entire categories, products, orders, customers etc .. of all the stores..

You can download the demo for test on the link below.

Language pack

If find it useful, you should purchase an enhanced version so you be able to upgrade to the next version of nopcommerce. In the enhanced version, You will have developer documentation  and source code attached.

In the process of paypal payment if you get any faulty you can pay via paypal account Then we will send you the source code.

1. Store 1

Demo :


2. Store 2

Demo :


3. Store 3

Demo :


3. Account admin:


Step 1Create Customer roles:

Create Customers Roles

Figure 1: Create Customer roles

Step 2: Access control list ( Configuration/Access control list):

Access control list

Figure 2: Access control list

Step 3: Create a stores:

Add new stores


Figure 3: Add new stores 

Step 4: Create a user account:

Sign in Administrator account ( or use the register. After creating the account is assigned: Registered, Stores

Customer roles

Figure 4: Customer roles

Step 5: Mapping users to stores:

Mapping users to stores
Figure 5: Mapping users to stores

Step 6: Catalog settings(/Admin/Setting/Catalog)

Skip the Ignore setting "limit per store" rules (sitewide)

Configure Multiple Store E-mail Accounts

1. Connect to Database: update [MessageTemplate] set [EmailAccountId] = 0

2. Go to Email accounts. Add a new email account

3. Go to Configuration/Settings/All settings (advanced) - /Admin/Setting/AllSettings

4. Search Setting name: emailaccountsettings.defaultemailaccountid

5. Add new record with

- Setting name: emailaccountsettings.defaultemailaccountid

- Value: Email Id in Email accounts

- Store : Store Id

6. Result

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