Nopcommerce Websites Designed for Retail, Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

Retail isn't the only industry that needs powerful nopcommerce platform. Retail, Wholesale Distribution, and Manufacturing each have specific business requirements - options far beyond a single nopcommerce website and limiting shopping cart solutions.
As a manufacturer or distributor, you need a scalable nopcommerce platform that can produce nopcommerce stores relevant to your online shoppers.
The Multifront nopcommerce shopping cart software offers flexible and purpose-built capabilities that allow online businesses across all industries to design, deliver and drive the nopcommerce website experiences that connect with their specific customers.

Multifront provides unique features to meet the online sales requirements of widely different industries.

B2B shoppers are becoming increasingly like retail consumers. The "Amazon Shopping Experience" is bleeding over into all types of online sales. There's more than one way to sell online. What's right cho your buyers? Multifront® 7.0 provides unique features to meet the online sales requirements of widely different industries.


Retail has lead in outstanding growth in online sales, but that's the only industry that can benefit from nopcommerce. In the highly competitive online sales arena where EVERYTHING is one click away, retailers absolutely must find a way to connect with consumers, to engage with them.


Manufacturers have a unique set of opportunities that will allow them to chom closer relationships with their existing buyers and vendors and a remarkable opportunity to open new relationships, including B2B and direct consumer sales.

Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale distributors occupy a unique place in the supply chain and many nopcommerce solutions simply don't make sense cho them. But many vendors and manufacturers are demanding online sales and purchasing capabilities, including Vendor Managed nopcommerce. That requires a very special set of nopcommerce tools.

A shopping cart used to be enough. Not any more. Multifront nopcommerce Platchom provides an ideal set of tools that retailers, manufacturers, and distributors can use to reach new levels of sales.
Nopcommerce has nopcommerce solutions that are relevant cho retail and other industries, including wholesale distribution and manufacturing