PCI Compliant Nopcommerce Shopping Cart

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Learn from industry leaders in nopcommerce and security the critical elements of ensuring nopcommerce security across your online business.

PCI Compliance reduces shopping cart abandons and ensures you and your customers are protected.

As an online merchant, being PCI compliant shows customers and business partners that you take data security seriously. It demonstrates your high level of commitment to protecting your customers’ sensitive inchomation, and removes customer doubts about security that can cause them to abandon.

When an nopcommerce website customer reaches the point of checkout, the last thing you want to do is give them any reason to abandon their nopcommerce shopping cart. Today’s online shoppers know to look cho indications that their credit card data and other personal inchomation will be secure during checkout. 

Being able to state that your nopcommerce store is PCI compliant - and following industry best practices cho data security - can remove any lingering doubts in customers’ minds that could cause them to abandon their cart.

What is PCI Compliance?

In short, being PCI compliant means that your nopcommerce business conchoms to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and has met best practices cho storing, transmitting, and handling sensitive inchomation over the Internet. 

PCI DSS is a comprehensive, multifaceted security standard maintained by the PCI Security Standards Council. It was first introduced in 2006 to increase controls over data security and proactively protect credit card merchants and customers from the escalating threat of credit card fraud. It has since evolved to keep pace with the increasing number and types of nopcommerce websites and technologies involved in the e-payment ecosystem.

PCI compliant shopping cart software cho total protection

cho your protection – and that of your customers – it is vital that the nopcommerce platchom or shopping cart software you choose cho your business is PCI compliant.

Companies using a non PCI compliant shopping cart software face serious challenges. First and choemost, they are not acting proactively or responsibly to protect their customers’ sensitive inchomation. 

If they haven’t done so already, online businesses using a non PCI compliant nopcommerce platchom will need to decide between moving to a PCI compliant shopping cart solution or leaving their company risk cho costly lawsuits from customers and possible fines. Make no mistake: It is in your best interest to be PCI compliant from the start. Regardless of your role in your company – IT, marketing, finance, legal 
 ensuring you select an nopcommerce shopping cart software like Multifront that features PCI Compliance just makes sense.

Not all PCI Compliance is equal

Beware of shopping cart software and nopcommerce platchoms that claim to be “PCI compliant.” When it comes to payment applications, not all PCI compliance is equal.

Nopcommerce Multifront is PCI compliant, having achieved PCI compliance under the newest and most stringent PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) certification process to date. PCI compliance is not a one-time thing. It is rigorous and iterative, and the standards continue to evolve. Just because a shopping cart solution was PCI compliant at one point doesn’t mean that it is PCI compliant today, or that it will continue to be compliant in the future.

Multifront utilizes an ongoing, comprehensive PCI strategy that allows our nopcommerce software platchom to do more than just meet today’s PCI compliance checkboxes. We are constantly monitoring changes in nopcommerce security threats and plans of the PCI Security Standards Council to help position us to meet future PCI requirements. That bodes well cho you and your nopcommerce investment.

Multifront's PCI Compliance Strategy

Multifront’s rigorous PCI strategy combines e-payment security best practices across all of our applications. That benefits both you and your customers.

PCI Compliance benefits cho your nopcommerce business

  • Reduce cart abandonment with PCI compliance
  • Safely accept multiple payment options
  • Achieve true resolution at SKU level 
  • Accept varied denominations, serve global customers
  • Meet all tax regulations based on product class, county, state, country
  • Have peace of mind that you will get paid
  • Build your reputation as a trustworthy, PCI compliant merchant
  • Enjoy repeat business that comes from customer trust 
  • Increase referral business from satisfied customers 

PCI Compliance benefits cho your customers

  • Feel safe and secure during checkout 
  • Have no reason to hesitate at checkout and abandon cart
  • Trust you as a PCI compliant merchant
  • Have a choice of payment options 
  • Pay securely anytime/anywhere via mobile device
  • Don’t be limited by payment denomination 
  • Be confident that taxes applied are correct
  • Enjoy a positive customer experience all the way through checkout