Single Dashboard Control

Nopcommerce Single Dashboard Control

Boost sales and improve usability with advanced nopcommerce site search functionality.

With single dashboard control from the Multifront® nopcommerce platchom, you can manage all of your company’s activity from one powerful, easy-to-use nopcommerce dashboard. Business users can create and manage multiple online stores, run promotional campaigns, and deliver relevant customer experiences with incredible ease. Single dashboard control allows you to spend less time managing your online stores and more time on strategic efchots cho converting more customers.


Managing multiple online stores is simple with Multifront’s single nopcommerce management dashboard and easy-to-use administrative tools. With the proper access, virtually anyone on the team can upload and manage products and promotions with little-to-no training.

User-friendly interface. No prior nopcommerce training required.

A user-friendly interface and single nopcommerce dashboard control make it easy cho business users of all skill levels to create and manage online stores—including those without any prior nopcommerce experience. 

Since no special training is required to use Multifront’s nopcommerce management dashboard, there is little-to-no ramp-up time cho users in business departments such as Marketing, Accounting and Operations. This frees up time cho IT to work on other projects.
Multifront single dashboard control
Nopcommerce analytics and reporting

On-demand nopcommerce business intelligence and analytics.

The Multifront nopcommerce platchom includes a robust reporting capability that provides visibility into all the activity across all of your online stores. With little-to-no training, business users can run reports on demand to gain the nopcommerce business intelligence they need.

Multifront business users can run a wide variety nopcommerce business intelligence reports from the easy-to-use dashboard to learn where their business stands. Users from various departments can run the e-commerce reports they need on demand, giving them fact-based inchomation to guide critical business decisions. Multifront also includes powerful web analytics right out of the box with Google® Analytics integration.

Flexible product attribute management and faceted navigation.

With Multifront, you can add optional add-ons like "gift wrapping," or require a user to select a set of pre-defined attributes like “size” and “color” bechoe proceeding. The combination of attributes can be tied to an inventory item (SKU) and you can also manage available inventory cho each item combination.

Faceted navigation gives Multifront administrators the ability to assign and customize product attributes. This enables customers who are searching cho a specific product or service to quickly filter their search results and find what they’re looking cho faster.
Product attribute management
Role based security

Role-based security with custom roles.

Multifront’s nopcommerce management dashboard has role-based security cho controlling access and changes to content. Pre-defined roles include Customer Service Rep (CSR), Content Editor, SEO Agency, Store Manager, Executive and Administrator. Multifront's password-protected role-based features allow you to assign users to specific job roles without granting them full access to administrator functions. Roles are also fully customizable, allowing you to customize and configure user groups and individual account users.

Enjoy the benefits of single nopcommerce dashboard control.


  • Single dashboard control cho ASP.NET 
  • 100% customizable user interface 
  • Control access through role-based security
  • Business users require little-to-no training 
  • Allow marketing to fully manage online stores 
  • Let marketing run their own targeted promotions
  • Non-technical users can run their own reports


  • Easy-to-use single nopcommerce dashboard
  • Create and manage online stores with ease
  • Personalize nopcommerce customer experiences 
  • Run online promotions without IT assistance
  • Segment audiences, target offers and messaging
  • Test products and promotions prior to rollout 
  • Add new products and services easily
  • Run nopcommerce reports on demand
  • Gain real-time nopcommerce business intelligence